Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An apology

Sorry for the lack of updates in last few months folks, I have been going thru various challenges and crises and working on a side project. I really appreciate all your views and support, this place has just passed 14K views, which in some aspects isn't a lot, but blows my mind. A new, improved Synnful ratings will be launching in August, mid August likely, with real photos, I have taken, not generic google images, and maybe even some video. Til then, thanks again all. Wishing you the best . Jason Wayne

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some rants

FINALLY, THE HAZE HAS COME BACK TO BLOGSPOT.....After a hugely long hiatus, honestly been working on a more successful blog, check it here hazer772.wordpress.com, I am back, and will dedicate more time to this place dear reader. Today is a rant. 40 creek BBQ sauce....OK I love it. I love it more and more everyday. I first met it on the decent Pizza Pizza tossed and sauced wings. But now it is imploding. Altho I do like it on the new KFC wrap, it takes away from all other ingredients. It overwhelms the lame ass bacon, the sub par cheese, my ever continuing hatred of fresh tomatoes and as well ranch dressing. Sure it made for an alright item, but it nulled the need for other ingredients. So now 40 creek is popping up in all sauces...but why?? Sure is better than Jack Daniels, but Pizza Pizza has now replaced their decent Texas BBQ pizza sauce with it. For me that is a A++ but what about the rest of those that hate this sauce?? The wife for example. Was hard enough to convince her into a BBQ sauce pizza, but now, with the 40 creek addition, is impossible. 40 creek is a victim of their own popularity. Rant 2- So, Someone in New Brunswick, I know and trust, claims the Arch Deluxe was back as a limited item...BRING IT HERE!!!! It is far better than MCrib. Hell I can be as bold to say, that Arch Deluxe, after the Big Mac and Mcnuggets, Is my fav item. I can never forget that month it launched, I kept instant winning Arch deluxes, and was so beyond drunk, at the Mcdonalds in Dundas, Ontario. I think I ate 6. Oh to be 6 foot one and 200lbs again, with the metabolism of some athlete... that night is always in my top 10 ever. Rant 3- Failed companies, redesigning themselves as designer burger places etc. In Hamilton, 4 out of 5 Crabby Joes failed, from personal experience, in this area was due to poor service...I.e waiting 30+mins for a server, on a Monday night, because she was hitting on random guys, oddly samething happened afterwards at the now also closed Kelseys At Centennial Parkway. So, after nearly a year had past, and several other chains or Faux chains, http://www.manvsfood.tv/, an obvious scam, had placed their signage in the court seized Crabby's location, we get Union Burger. Wow a huge disappointment, same group of companies as Crabby's..and same poor service, the manager verbally murdered the staff in front of clients, including myself, hey I used to work at a wholesale, dealer and Ford Canada sponsored car auction, and had never seen this level of brutality, But the food was so sub par. Under seasoned, over priced, and left me wondering if it was frozen patties, despite their claims. It was a new level bad. 4 times I endured this massive disappointment- hey in my defense, 2 friends swore by it. The same food is at Burger King or McDonalds, for way less...minus the fries..they are sadly very good. Rant 4- Location, Location. Five guys Hamilton...I so lust for you, but why the hell are you way away from most of the population?? Heritage green is miles from a major area. I always put you off. Rant 5- Wings. I order delivery- a lot. Okay I no longer drive. Why can't you make well done a standard for delivery?? Soggy, mushy, breading makes for a horrid meal. Pizza Pizza, as bad as wings can be, can do decent work with well done wings. Other places around here, promise well done, but send soggy messes Rant 6- Doritos. A 2 part rant. In the US, the new incarnation of Doritos, has 2 flavours, Enchilada and Chipotle, but we only get the chipotle. Sure the bigger size and better consistency are awesome, but the chipotle flavor is lame. 2nd rant about Doritos Canada, is the supposed 3rd degree burn...I find this a misnomer, The blazing buffalo, a 2nd degree, was way hotter than the Habenaro based 3rd degree. there are more rants to come, but I tire of this.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Taco Bell New Steak Flat Bread Review

Sometimes life is real strange. I hate Taco Bell, yes word is hate. The beef despite what they now claim, is a FDA in the US stated, not beef. But on a recent outing, having a girlfriend that needed a washroom, drew me in since they were the closest option. First off was a horrid Nachos supreme, not much bigger than the Wendy's new menu item and $1 more, at $2.89. What can I say, horrible chips, gross beef topping and just plain awful..definitely in my top 3 worst fast food items ever, maybe even in top ten worst food items. So I was so beyond cynical,even for me. I also bought the new steak flat bread for $1.99+ taxes, and was expecting the worst. I WAS WRONG. Admittingly, I added both hot sauce and mild sauce but this item was awesome. Oddly cheesy, and the steak was not prime grade, but was not as chewy and hard as I imagined. Finally they have an item that redeems them. Decent value and great taste, I was floored, before was only the unlimited refills of Brisk and Dr Pepper to draw me in but this is a great item, hope they keep it.

even ignoring it came from Taco Hell, a great item. But considering that..this is best they can do, especially value wise.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The NEW Cheddar Baconator Review

Wendy's has been a personal favorite for awhile, Maybe it's because of the square shaped patties- Melissa will not eat burgers from Wendy's, she has a fear of the shape- or maybe it's the made fresh hype. The baconator is definitely my 3rd favorite menu item, the first goes to the amazing Triple bacon deluxe and 2nd is definitely the side caesar salad. So you can imagine my excitement when presented with the prospect of a variation with real Cheddar cheese. So two days later I was off and purchased 2 of these bad boys, at $6.99 + taxes each- so around $8 with tax each. I also got some chili cheese nachos, a new $1.89 menu item.

This variation promises also a savoury steak house sauce, A1 or HP came to my mind, but I was sadly wrong, the steakhouse sauce on the 1st burger was barely there, maybe it wasn't even. The cheddar was not really strong enough to compete with the amazingly greasy patties, in fact for once the patties grease even overwhelmed the bacon. The 2nd sandwich was a polar opposite. It was way less greasy and loaded with the steak house sauce, which to me tasted like a vile kinda sour cream and ranch dressing blend. I was so wishing I had bought the regular variety instead. The ketchup and mayo combo is far greater than this hideous goopy mess. This was the second time ever I had to force down a baconator, 1st being of course a very condiment dense/skimpy triple version years ago that was also overwhelmingly greasy - again tho oddly i had tried the triple version later on and was total opposite as well.

This new baconator is bland, unimaginative and unnecessary- I all fairness I almost chose the new Ringer whopper at Bk , which I am pretty sure is a reg whopper with onion rings and i hate BK's rings.
The new baconator is at best a 2.5 out of FIVE.

Side note - the chili cheese nachos. At first the staff forgot them and if I did not double check would not have noticed. The nachos taste wise were very good but at $1.89 should be more than the salad side chips with a single scoop of chili and processed liquid cheese. 7-11 for a few cents more has similar nachos, 5 times the size and with you choice of loading up on chili, cheese and condiments.

Rating 2.5 out of Five
Good taste, horrid value